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Retro Jacket Trendy Harrington Womens Coat Vintage Small Classic Scooter to 1970'S Malaika Ladies Black Bomber XL Let us begin by saying pizza is not a “junk” food… Pizza is not “fast” food either…. How can food cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients, right in front of you be considered fast food. Nothing is pre-cooked or pre-made, it all happens after customer places their order. We put our heart and soul in every pizza we make.

At Pronto Pizza we have been health conscientious for years. Our crust is made with light content (20-25%) of whole-wheat flour, we always use the best quality (mostly local) meat products, freshest vegetables available, low fat (17%MF) cheese and we never put any oil in our sauce. Our pizzas are baked on a pan with minimal amount of 0% trans fat and Cholesterol free vegetable oil. The result is dry crust that is soft, yet crispy on the outside and it doesn’t flop when you pick up your slice. We use 10 different spices and herbs in the making of our specialty pizza sauce. This is the most important element contributing to the taste of our pizza and proudly carries Pronto signature.

Since 1994 we’ve always tried to do our best in providing the greatest quality product and friendliest service possible. We always take time to listen to our customers and nothing makes us happier than seeing a smile on their faces. Besides making great pizza, building a long lasting relationship with our customers is the most important key to our success.

The Owners

Scooter Jacket Malaika Retro Vintage 1970'S Classic Trendy Womens XL Coat Black Bomber Harrington to Small Ladies JERRY AND GEORGE

George and Jerry are two life long friends who came to Canada in 1990 with not much more than the clothes on their backs and a bag of dreams. They worked odd jobs to save money and start their own business. Pronto Pizza had a humble beginning in a 400 square feet space, barely enough to fit a pizza oven and a prep table. There was no money to purchase a dough mixer, so the pizza dough was initially made in Paradise Bakery and transported to the store every day. This is just a story of dreams coming true…

The Community


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Newfoundlanders are one of the most caring and friendly people in the World. Couple of Bulgarians new in town set up shop and received a warm welcome in the community of Conception Bay South from day one. Business just took off, in fact the two friends weren’t quite prepared for it… there was no money to hire help, so they worked around the clock to meet the demand. Ever since Pronto Pizza has been a part of the community and forever associated with good food and time well spent with family and friends.

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After years of service, we’ve learned something very important, possibly the fabric of success. Aside from hard work and commitment, successful business is built on relationships. More than anything else we value the connection with our customers. How can one provide anything else but excellent product and service to family? And this is the key, when customers become family, everything changes…

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”Thank you soooooooooooo much, George, Jerry, Sherry, Wallace and whatever other staff helped bring together my wedding catering yesterday! I cannot even believe how much food there was. I think you’ve gained at least 60 more fans!“
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” Thanks for the pizza on Saturday night guys, it was fantastic! The spinach was a yummy addition, you should seriously consider broccoli for a topping, it’s a must have on vegetarian pizza. Yum! “

” Just ordered pronto again tonight… Thats 3 times in two weeks cause we just love this pizza… “

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” Best pizza I’ve ever eaten! ♥=D “

” Been a fan since the day of the opening in 1994! Great Pizza, Great Friends! Cheers George & Jerry! “

” Pizza was awesome today!!! Thanks Jerry and staff. The kids loved it. Everybody asked…this pizza is awesome Beth where did you get it. I said Pronto Pizza of course “

” Caught myself, missing a great Pronto Pizza yesterday. Makes me sad to say, I am no where close to gettin one! Prontos has always done me right, when I lived in CBS, last year. “
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” I actually go through pronto withdrawals. So good! “

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” The BEST pizza on the avalon! Best customer service too! Fresh toppings mmmmm “

” Ordered a bunch if pizza and wings for a get-together this past weekend and it was loved by all! Thanks again Pronto, Best pizza in CBS! “

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Your pizza is only minutes away. Quick delivery in Paradise and CBS area, and don’t forget to ask for a free fridge magnet or any other promotional item we have available. We even deliver to Holyrood, St. Philips and Mount Pearl, some conditions may apply.

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